Haltepunkt Natur: Weichholzaue Cumlosen

Gallery forest Cumlosen



Haltepunkt Natur: Weichholzaue Cumlosen

Soft wood at the strong current

Here, where the Elbe twists in a big arch towards the former inner-German boarder, you'll find the gallery forest Cumlosen. At the end of a plank you feel as if you've travelled back in time to a jungle-like place. It's hard to believe that whole areas around the river looked like this before human settlers came. Today, this part of the river is one of the few where riparian vegetation still can be found. Take a break on one of the benches and relax amid the rich greens of the gallery forest.

Nature: Haltepunkt Natur, Site of nature experience


bus stop < 1000m, edge of town, bike path < 1000m, quietly situated, distance to a body of water < 1000m

Long distance bike tours: Elbe-Müritz-Rundweg (Elbe Müritz circular route), Elberadweg (Elbe bike route), Historische Stadtkerne 3 (Historical town centres 3), Tour Brandenburg (Tour Brandenburg)

Natural spaces: Flusslandschaft Elbe-Brandenburg UNESCO biosphere reserve

Fotografie: Klauke Kleis