Haltepunkt Natur: Schlosspark Rühstädt

Palace park Rühstädt



Haltepunkt Natur: Schlosspark Rühstädt

Garden landmark in the wetlands

Whereas the palace is clearly Baroque, the palace garden in Rühstädt is not exclusively. Interested visitors don't only find Baroque traces in the garden but also some more surprises like ice cellar hill. The vista towards the 10 metres high sandstone obelisk, which was ordered by Friedrich Wilhelm von Grumbkow, is especially impressive. In addition, you can spot some wooden rarities, such as the giant redwood.

Nature: Haltepunkt Natur, Site of nature experience


edge of town, bike path < 1000m, quietly situated, distance to forest < 1000m, distance to a body of water < 1000m

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Natural spaces: Flusslandschaft Elbe-Brandenburg UNESCO biosphere reserve

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